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Learn About Koozies


The Benefits of Koozies


Have you ever wondered why your cold drink, water bottle or beer gets warm quicker than your companion's? One of the most probable and logic reasons could be because your friend is taking the drink from a can or bottle that has been wrapped with a koozie. You may then be wondering what these koozies really are. Koozies are just wrappers that are made of synthetic substances that assist in keeping liquids cool. Some koozies are however made of leather or a piece of clothing. Others are made of material like neoprene, polyester or closed-cell foams among other types of materials. Koozies work simply by just preventing the liquids inside cans or bottles from getting warm due to the atmospheric changes or a hand touch. They insulate the cans or bottles from conduction or heat radiation hence keeping their contents cold. When you put a drink in the sun, the rate of warming is greatly reduced by the koozies at They are preferred when people are outdoors and cannot access refrigeration. They are ideal for executives, college students, athletes or any type of players who are mainly on the move to ensure that they keep their drinks cool as they carry out their endeavors.


Koozies exist in different shapes and designs depending on the size and shapes of bottles and cans. There are however a few sizes and shapes that are very popular since they are used in the most common bottles and cans. You can also find adjustable custom koozies fast that are ideal for containers of water, beverages or other drinks that exist in different shapes and sizes. Most of the koozies have a handle on top of the container for easier holding. Others have a long strap that can be hooked over the shoulders for easier carrying. It is important to understand that the major objective of using a koozie is to keep the contents of the container cool.


Nevertheless, some people use koozie to distinguish one liquid container from another. It can be a good way to avoid mixing up the two liquids. Koozies, however, are seen as marketing tools by advertisers and marketing professionals. They can actually be used as a great way of promoting company's product or service. Their versatility enables them to be used widely in different scenarios. They are cheap to make and can occur in different shapes, sizes, and colors. For these reasons, koozies can be used by advertising companies by printing the name and the logo of the company on the koozies to promote a particular brand of product or company as a whole. Other individuals can also use koozies as a style to make them appear fashionable, cool and conspicuous. For more facts about water bottles, visit this website at